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Our Vision & Mission


To be Apostolic in Principle, Practice and Power


  1. Reaching To reach souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and make Disciples

  2. Building - To build faith in individuals and families through the preaching and teaching of God's Word, corporate worship, and fellowship

  3. Developing training each individual to discover and walk in their God-designed purpose and destiny.


  1. His Presence - Connecting with God through prayer, fasting and true worship. His Presence must be our priority.

  2. Relationship - Knowing God through personal relationship over religion. Understanding and finding purpose in God through His written Word, His Spirit, and spiritual authority in the earth (5-fold ministry)

  3. Transformation - Embracing Your Identity in Jesus Christ. Taking on His Mind, His Character and His Authority.

  4. Blessing - Living in God’s abundance through the principles of giving. We will give of our Time, Talents and Treasure. 

  5. Harvest - Reaching and Discipling all nations with the power of the Gospel. We will do this by being Disciple Makers, Community Influencers and World Changers.

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