Mission & Vision

Our mission is to connect people to God, connect people to our local church and connect people to the purpose God has for their lives. We are passionate about helping people nurture their relationship with God, strengthening the connection we have with other believers in our local church and helping people find their ministry and get plugged in to serving our community and world.

Our Vision is To be a multicultural, 21st Century Antioch Church for our community and beyond. In the Book of Acts, the Antioch church was a multicultural church which was a hub of Apostolic revival for the entire region. The five-fold ministries of Ephesians 4 were all present in Antioch. Many ministries, were birthed and sent out from Antioch. We believe it is our destiny to be an Antioch church for this COMMUNITY and COUNTY. We envision RLC being a training ground for powerful, 21st century ministries that will greatly impact our generation.

God’s Word – We value the Word of God. We believe it is infallible and the final authority on spiritual matters.

Intimacy with God – We value an intimate, personal relationship with the living God. Our spirited worship, fervent prayer and openness to spiritual gifts are a reflection of our deep longing for a genuine, spiritual, intimate walk with God.

Lost People – We value lost people. God’s purpose in coming to the earth was to seek and save the lost. Lost people matter to God. Lost people matter to us. Our primary purpose as a church is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with our family, friends, community and world at large.

The Family – We value the family. In a society that has witnessed the breakdown of the traditional family unit, we place a strong emphasis on nurturing and strengthening families. Whether you’re part of a traditional or single-parent household, part of a blended family or you are a single or divorced adult, RLC is committed to your spiritual growth.

Community among Believers – We value community among believers. True Biblical community provides an environment among believers where spiritual growth, ministry and accountability flourish. At Redeeming Love Church we seek to encourage and cultivate the connection and camaraderie among God’s people.

Leadership Development – We value personal and spiritual growth. At Redeeming Love Church, we place a priority upon helping people reach their fullest potential as leaders. We devote time and energy as a church to developing leaders for the Kingdom of God, our community and world.

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